Monday, October 07, 2002

Well, I forgot to post yesterday, but nothing really happened anyway. My classes are done for the day, and I have at least 3 hours before my roommate returns...dreaded roomate. I have so much to complain about her. I'm sure she has just about that much to complain about me also, that's why I don't try to get into arguments. I really enjoy the way our room is set up, when I'm at my desk and she's at hers we have little to no acknowledment of eachother. Besides her bloody music...I'd love it if she had the tiniest bit of taste when it comes to music. She's a music education major, and she doesn't have a peference. I can listen to mostly anything except songs with heavy bass, and country. Because of my roommate I have discovered that there is another type of music that I despise, parodys. Wierd Al is funny, yes, that is when you know the song that's he's making fun of, but when all you listen to is Wierd Al he looses his meaning. And silly little songs from visual TV shows like southpark and SNL, they just don't have to same effect when only in audio. The incessent Instant messaging! She's is currently at the same mantal state as I was when I was a freshman in high school. Downloading crap, not knowing anything about the content of computers, spending upwards of 4 hours a day just instant messaging people and downloading crap, and not doing any homework!! Gahh! How can a student survive in college with out doing any work, or studying! It hinders my studying, when she comes in and just fiddles around on her machine, I need my machine for research! That's why I'm in my room when I study, I need the tools available on my computer, I'm not just sitting in here to be anti-social! Arrrgh!
That's was my rant of the day.

Sadly, that's all that I have to say for this installment of The Litter Box Diaries. Peace to you all and your roommates. =^..^=

Saturday, October 05, 2002

This is my first ever blog entry! I'm supposed to be at a Vampire LARP right now but I told them that I was going to be late. I needed to talk to my boyfriend, becaue I promised that I'd call. I also wanted to get some homework done before I went.

I got locked out of my room for two hours today. I woke up at nine and went to go to the bathroom, I was fully intending to go back to sleep and locked myself out. Being a girl all alone in her room I have to keep the door locked at night! Who knows what kind of wierdos might be running around. I spent the next two hours out of my room and wandering around the hall in my Pj's. Thankfully my Pj's are cute with little kitties all over them! Whew...otherwise that could been disasterous! =^..^= For an hour and a half I called all of the RA's and the RD's room and personally visited everyone, knocking very politely. There's supposed to be an RA on duty 24 hours a day! Stupid suitcase college! After, getting the local friendly boy on my floor to try and pick the lock with a coak hanger and a credit card, I had to call public safety. The public safety called all of the RA's (like I didn't try that!) and didn't get an answer from any of them. So, they sent out an officer to unlock my door. Thankfully, the officer's awesome! She's the lead singer of her own rock band! They're going to be playing on the 12th here at the University. After, I got my door open the crowd dispersed and I was able to call my boyfirend, John, and tell him my entire distressing situation.

Adrianne, Dom and I went on an adventure today! We went to buy fabric for a shirt that Adrianne and I are making for Dom. This shirt is no ordinary, run of the mill shirt! It's a pirate shirt with big puffy sleeves! Which is awesome! Because pirates are great! Argggg! n_#

That's all for today! Wish me luck on my take home math test!

Christine =^..^=